1. Living room, kitchen

14.2 m2

2. Shower room

2.4 m2

3. Bedroom

7 m2

4. Bedroom



36.5 m2

Size: 6000x7000mm Height: 3500mm

68 mm

Only wooden set – 8300 € (without VAT)

Warm set – 14400 € (without VAT)

100 mm

Tikai koka komplekts- 12350 € (bez PVN)

Silts komplekts- 18460 € (bez PVN)

Wooden set only

Under wall beams (planed, pressure impregnated timber)
Wall set (each beam is numbered)
Rafters 45 * 145mm planed boards
Lath 25*100mm boards, treated

Warm set (In addition to the base)
Floor insulation wool 100mm
OSB3- 10mm
Floor board 28mm
White PVC exterior windows and doors

Wooden boards

Interior massive doors, made in Belarus
Ceiling boards inside 14mm
Outer ceiling boards 18mm

Gutter system
Roofing – metal roofing PP-20
Ceiling insulation with rafters, wool 150mm

Price is not included: foundation,delivery,assembly.